My question: I was backing up in my parking lot of my housing complex. I was not backing out of a space, just backing up. I looked over my shoulder to see if anybody was coming. Nobody was, so I look down to put the car in reverse, let off the brake, and not 5 feet later I heard a crunch. I got out of the car and asked the other driver what happened. She said she did not know. I said that I had not seen her when I looked to check that the coast was clear. She said that she did not see me, either. I asked her if she had honked, because I did not hear her, and she said that she did not honk. She claims that she was at a complete stop when I hit her, but as I said before, she was nowhere to be seen when I went to go back up. My thinking is that she came around the corner, slammed on the brakes (as she said she did), and the inertia of her breaking and me backing up met. My car has little to no damage, she has given me 2 estimates, one for 1,700, the other for 1,800 dollars.

We do both have insurance, but seeing as our premiums just went down, neither of us want to mess with insurance. We also had the cops come out, but they just gave us forms to fill out for our insurance because it was private property.

I am prepared to offer her half of one estimate, seeing as it is both of our faults.