I own a cleaning company in West Chester, PA, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia. I have been in business for four and a half years now. We mainly do regular, move in/move out, and one time cleaning of homes and offices. I have done a couple commercial and post construction jobs over the years but I don't feel I accurately priced them. I am now looking at getting more involved with commercial and post construction work. Today I did an estimate for a new 18,000 square foot veterinary/animal rehab clinic that was just built. It would be post construction work. There isn't any lumber or materials or anything laying around, just cardboard and paper laid down on the floors and a WHOOOOOOLLLLLE lot of dust. The job would entail wiping down all the beams, lighting and duct work in the two rooms that are two - two and half stories high (which means bringing in a scissor lift I suppose), wiping down everything including the desks and countertops and sinks/wash basins in all the rooms and offices, two bathrooms (one with a shower), all interior windows/glass/mirrors, washing the floors, and then sealing them with a wax/sealant which the client will provide. I have read everything from $.15-$1.56/sq ft in my research and really have no idea what to charge. I also don't know whether to bill it all as one total, or if I should bill for the post construction cleaning and the floor sealing/waxing separately. This client would also like an estimate for regular cleaning thereafter. Any adivce or insight?