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    Aug 7, 2008, 12:15 PM
    New services

    I have an owned cleaning business that has been around over 6 years. I started with small contracts, such as, offices, daycares, supermarkets, car dealerships, etc. I'm doing great. But now, I want to offer a new personalize service as well my company to new customers.

    Can anyone help me write and introduction letter for new services?

    Thank you very much for all the help

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    Aug 7, 2008, 01:29 PM
    Hi there adriram,

    The problem with letters... especially advertising letters people very often just bin them, purely because there's so much of it that comes through our doors these days,people automatically think... somebody else trying to flog something...

    Your best bet would be to have some flyers printed giving brief information on what services you offer... Try to have a gimic to start with by that I mean when they pick up the flyer from the door mat, make them want to read it, something like... WOW! FREE TODAY.. or.. CHECK THIS OUT... or... LOOK BEFORE YOU THROW ME IN THE BIN.
    Do you get the idea... list what you do, offer some sort of discount, promise a full refund if they know someone who could do a better job than you, that kind of thing.

    Try and get it put into a local paper, usually a freeby that's delivered each week, ask a news agent if you can put it in the local delivery papers, get the family or pay some youngster to deliver them through as many doors as they can manage... for a small fee of course... they won't do it for nothing.

    You could if you wished send some through the post to more reputable firms offering to do the first job free, once your foots in the door and they like you... your in

    Just a few suggestions for you

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    adriram Posts: 3, Reputation: 1
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    Aug 7, 2008, 09:20 PM
    Hello Orphan,

    I really have to thank you for your tips. I thought already about the flyer but was not very sure... But not, I am going to launch them with the new services.

    Thanks again,

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    Aug 8, 2008, 03:24 AM
    Being that you are already successful at your business, an introduction letter might not be a bad idea. But, I will agree that it's likely that some people that read it are going to be throwing it away. The key that I think is important to writing them is them being personalized and directed to the person to whom they are intended and also being simple in the content of them.

    If you would like to post a draft here as far as what you are thinking of as far as a letter of introduction, then I'm sure that some of us here will be willing to critique it and give you some pointers as to how you might make it better.

    Do you have a website and/or currently advertise on the Internet? Most of my new business comes from those that find me on the Internet. If you would like some tips in how to do that, please let me know.

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    Aug 20, 2008, 04:08 PM
    Market your new service to your existing customers. Let them know what you are now offering and ask them to refer you. Offer a referral bonus as an incentive.

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