Hi I am trying to find out how much to charge for this office cleaning job. Here are specs
They want to be cleaned twice a week with windows being done ones a week. Its about 1600 sq ft front but its prety open it's a Verizon Wireless Store. It has phones on one side and other side has 1 desk then another long desk in middle of room there are about 3 computers with monitors. In middle there is a wood strip about 1.5 feet wide and goes from front door to middle desk. They want vacuum and sweep and mop the front, dusting and wipe down desk. Then in back there is meeting room with concrete floor and 1 office 1 bathroom. They want bathroom and office cleaned. Back room sweep and mop. This is located in Michigan I say about between lower class and middle class is the area the store located.
Any suggestion how much should I charge them for this Store.