We've been doing residential cleaning for 5 years but we have an opportunity to bid on a large commercial account and really want to give it a try. This is new territory for us. We want to come up with a fair price that will be worth it for us where we can provide quality service. The property is a medical research facility in the Buffalo area.

They have a "cleaning person" now and are not satisfied at all. They said he isn't doing anything so quality is a big issue.

The office building is 20,000 sq ft
with about 16,000-17,000 sq ft flooring (corridors and large rooms)
and 3000-4000 sq ft carpeting (about 10 offices, 2 conference rooms, 2 reception areas)
5 bathrooms with either 3 stalls or 2 stalls/1 urinal, 2 sinks
cafeteria/kitchenette with fridge, micro, sink, counter, 4 tables

5x a week cleaning

dusting 8 offices plus reception areas (I'm thinking this could be done 1x week - they want papers moved)
vacuuming all carpets
floors swept each day
trash removed each day and put in dumpster
mopping 3x week
bathrooms - they will provide supplies and trash liners

We are guessing it would take between 25-28 hours per week which would equal about 5-6 hrs per night. Is this a good assessment?

I've heard that we should charge between $18-22 per hour. Is that a good range?

If it took 6 hours and we charged $18 per hour, that would be $108 per clean, or $2322 per month which seems like a lot to me.

Any help would be greatly, appreciated. I'd be happy to reciprocate with residential info if someone needs that.