Am currently about Naomi Campbel shade and would like to lighten up to 1 shade up. At the most 2 shades. I currenctly battle a few dark spots as a result of using Makari day cream. It clogged up my skin and caused acne. I switched to using Meladerm. Meladerm gave me serious irritation after using it twice a day for 5 days. So I stopped.

I previously tried ordering lightening agents from SkinActives.com. I added alpha arbutin to my Neutrogena moisturizer. I didn't see any visible differences. I was using it at about 4% arbutin.

So here's my question. Since I have stopped Makari, my skin tone has deepen further than my original shade. I will like to lighten it back up (again to just 1 - 2 shades). Makari worked very very well but it cost me my skin.

1. What percentage of arbutin should I be adding to my lotion to make it very effective?
2.Should I add other actives such as licorice extract, Niacinamide etc? I did try to add these to my original potion. It didn't work. No lightening effect. Am I simply mixing the wrong things?
3.What lightening cream recipe has worked effectively for you?

I don't want to try any products. It has to be DIY. :-)