About two years ago I started using Palmers skin success cream on my face as a way to get rid of acne and clear up my face in general. What I didn't know was that it can actually make your face lighter if used too much. I found out too late and since I have been using Palmers Skin Success products as a way to lighten my whole body and give it an even tone. It worked for awhile, then I stopped using it because I didn't want to get too light. Since I've stopped using it my skin is a strange brownish color.

Actually in the sun or under bright lights my skin looks a light brown color and looks very healthy, however during the winter and when there is not much light it has a strange brownish color to it. Im tired of using hydroquinone based products as I want to be able to go out in the sun and not worry about my skin turning an old off brownish color.
So, my question is any of you know of a way to lighten skin without using hydroquinone or other chemicals. I would like to have the skin tone of Nelly(man)