I am an African American female. During the summer, I was outside a lot watching my nieces and nephew in the heat of the day, which resulted in my skin becoming darker, very dark! I used to be a med-light tan color now I am a real dark caramel color! :eek: I had planned on whitening my skin, but then summer came and that went out the window-the sun, it was too much. And I don't want to be dark! The older I get, I've noticed the darker my hair, skin, and eyes become. My hair use to be aubrun-like now it's a reddish brown, my eyes use to be a greenish color now they are more amber like, and now my skin! I can reluctantly accept the darkening of my hair and eyes, but my skin, no! Seriously, it would be greatly appriciated if you all helped me!:o And if any of you know how long it would take me to lighten my skin color, if I wanted to be 4-5 shades lighter. Also, please only give me recommendations of pills or soaps, and if you have used them, and what your results were.

Thank you :)