I posted earlier on my chameleon-like ability to change skin color depending on temperature. Cold=fair, Hot=Tan

Well, I've been using some really Bureau of Food and Drug-approved magic creams and glutathione pills, plus undergoing some really serious pampering at the spa and salon -- body scrubs with bleach, facials, and the like. And yet, despite all these seemingly vain activities, that is what I ended up with -- beautification in vain. My skin seems to have a life of its own.

It's glowing all right. Actually, a lot of people comment on my beautiful glowing skin and aura regardless of color - fair or tan. But, I'd want to have more control over it. Like, if I don't go out too much under the sun, I hope I'd maintain my fair complexion. Or, if I do stay outdoors, I'd get a good bronzed look. It is upsetting to not have control over one's color! Sometimes, when I do not get much sleep or am a bit angry:mad: , I tan as well.

I feel therefore, I tan? I am happy :) therefore I whiten? Ugh! Just wanted to share my angst. Thanks!