Hello, I'm new on the forum so I wanted to share my experience on skin lightening and hydroquinone.
To begin with I tried in the last 5 years 2 main skin lightening ingredients: kojic and hydroquinone and both worked great for me. I am African American by the way.
My first skin ligtening was a 4% hydroquinone cream : in few days I went fromdark skin girl to a light skin girl (on the face... ). The results were so dramatic that I had to stop because my Dad noticed (he was damn mad and ask me to stop right away). I stopped to not argue with m parents and of course I went back little by little to my normal skin (I did not get darker, just normal skin colour). About a year later I tried Kojic acid (to have a less dramatic result), I was happy it lightened me up about 2 shades but a yearlater a runed out of it (and did not buy some more) and stopped... I wanted to get back on kojic but my skin became more resistant to it and I did not see so much result. I tried to get back to hydroquinone... same thing,% was not working anymore... I tried 10% but it just lightened up my dark spot (that was nice), so I decided to try 20% to see... Well I was scared at first because it is high but I tried by using it with almon oil, vitamin C lotion and time to time peeling (retinol). So I peeled of course annd lighten dramatically on the face and the neck (I stopped the body because my skin develop an allergy but not on the face)... so dramatically that I stopput sunscreen on my neck for some day to try to dark it back (I know it does not make sense but there was like a line between my chest and neck). After a week my neck and face is light and I think in a week I will stop and switch to a kojic and sunscreen because I achieved the colour. So in conclusion, if you are dark skin and never used skin lighten product start with kojic (safer) and stick with it and sunscreen. If you want quick result hydroquinone in a low dosage should work well (if u did not try any other lotion before), if like me u tried and stop and went back u might need a higgher concentration to jump start but swich little by little as soon as you get the desire result... Hydroquinone 20% is too high in my experience, by using it you should know what you are doing, and mix with your dayli lotion in a small quantity, it is very strong... so strong that my body made me understand to stop it through the allergy... what is weard is I did not get the allergy on my face or neck.

I hope my story will help.