I've tried various store bought and internet bought products to lighten skin and it was all a waste of my money I think what works just as well or better in my experience is a home-made mixture that involve some plain yogurt and lemon juice.

This is the website I found the info on

Beauty Secrets Revealed!!!: Homemade Skin Whitening/Lightening Recipes

I'm a dark-skinned indian girl my complexion is so dark that if you ignore my features and my hair I could pass for a dark skinned black person. Anyway, after I use this product it did lighten me some shades and in my opinion it has worked better than any product that I have spent my money on.

I wouldn't go out into the sun with lemon juice on your skin.. make sure after you apply this on your skin you wash it off.

I actually made little tub of it and applied to my whole body for 15 min each day before I showered. So far good results!