Hi Everyone,

So I was really careless last year and used my knees a lot. At my job we package a lot of stuff and since the boxes where usually heavy I had to get to their level and use my knees tons. Anyway now I have these dark spots on my knees that I've been trying to get rid of but they do not go away. I was told by a friend that it was bruising and she recommended some Arnica cream.. that did not work for me. Then I dried Mederma scar cream... that did not work. Then I tried Bio Oil.. that did not work. I tried exfoliating with a pumice stone to get rid of the dry skin... that did nothing but irritate my skin. Now I am thinking perhaps I need to whiten the area so that it matches up with my skin.

Would you guys recommend something that has the most potential to lighten the knee/elbow area? I also have super dark elbows from resting on desks at school.

Anyway this is how my knees look:

You see the two huge dark patches? I would like to lighten those to match up with the other parts of my knee.


& thank you