They seem to be a legit company (although they have some rude people working for them however I could careless as long as they provide a real product) ,at least they sound less fishy than other companies,and I have used their iris lightning kit for two weeks and I saw some result(*** don't ask for pic , its only been two weeks and not yet that obvious and I am not sure if I want to continue it , its really hard ,you have to do it every hour ) , anyhow lets get back to my question :

I have purchased their Mono cream 20% and it has made my skin very red and dry (I know the side effects of using mono, there is no need for you to copy and paste it for me )
I have been on this website for a while and I have done a lot of research before I decided to purchase this medication however I have never came across anybody saying they have experienced redness , shininess and dryness in only 12 days ,and I am not using the cream full strength initially like,I mix the mixture with 1 part Mono + 3 parts Aveeno(according to the instruction that came with the cream :You must first dilute the MB cream then gradually increase dosage. This must be done until your skin becomes acclimated to this very potent cream)

So I have been applying this cream to my skin once a day in the morning right after the shower , and my skin is very red and dry (I know the side effects,you don't have copy and paste them to me however I appreciate your concern),so I stopped the treatment today and want to give my body a day or two break , but just wondering if any of you has purchased this medication from this Company I will be grateful if you could share your experience with me

All the best to all of you and good luck on whatever you are looking to achieve

God bless