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    Jul 22, 2011, 08:38 AM
    Is this a good combo of skin lightening products for a beginner?
    Hi everyone, I have decided to venture into the world of skin lightening products after a long time of research and contemplating all of your views. THANK YOU ALL!

    I have a dark (African) skin tone (NC55 in MAC foundation) and came back from holiday a few days ago and Im incredibly dark. I soak up the sun quite easily and quickly. My skin tone all over like many of yours in really uneven anyway but now its like a lot darker and uneven.

    So I ordered some fair beauty skin lightening pills from Amazon with good reviews and all natural ingredients on 6 tablets a day - started yesterday but noticed that my skin is quite dry and slightly itchy. I could be exaggerating - looking for things that aren't there. I also found out that they have to be taken with vitamin C 100mg which Im going to get as soon I go out - this is a possible cause of slightly dry and a bit itchy skin

    Apparently these pills take 2 months onwards to see and results but can be mixed with creams etc
    So now I've just orderd fair and white exclusive vitamin C and maxi light soap.

    Is this a good combo? I want quicker results and frankly a bit scared of the stuff that's been said about vit fee etc they have been recalled - too toxic.

    I might consider using vit fee - Can I have some advice on that and can someone explain how mixing gels and serums and lotions work please. I want to get a seperate cream/lotion for my facee - please help?

    Thank you so much in advance!!

    Ps: anyone from the UK got any advice online or in stores for good effective less damaging lotions etc
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    Jul 29, 2011, 06:04 AM
    I have never tried the skin lightening pills, but from other users on this forum, the results are varied. Most do not see results so fast and they usually take 1000mg Vitamain C per day. Vit Fee is a cream which does lighten you in about 10 days but it has a mild fragrance which smells like cheap perfume.

    To get good skin lightening results quickly, you should exfoliate BEFORE you start the skin lightening process. This should be a twice daily regiment to slough off ypur dead skin cells. This will make any skin lightening cream work better. Read around on this forum some more and you will see what we are all using. Good luck on your lightening journey!

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