Hi I have been reading some of your posts recently and have noticed that quite a few members on here want fairer, brighter skin.. well this message is for everyone who wishes to achieve this esp "lotti" who ihave noticed has been trying to get fairer skin for ages but has had no luck..

One of you mentioned that you don't mind spending more money as long as the product is perfect.. well there's one product from http://www.zbigatti.com , this is a very high end cosmetic company that has proven to lighten skin, its used by a lot of celebrities like Ashanti, Lyn whitefield and many more.. I know this as I know someone who works in the entertainment industry..

There's also another product called MAKARI this is also a very good product that has proven to lighten the skin shade and results can be seen from the first week of application..

These are the only products on the market that I know work from what I have heard and are completely safe.. they are both high end products but that's what it costs to get the colour you want.. I reckon Makari will be more popular just because of its price!

Hope this helps!

Take it easy!