Hi I'm a 24 year old woman whom is very beautiful so I've been told, but there is one majoe problem that I am having I have dark spots all over my body and I am very self concience, I don't wear anything short and I can't even get naked in fromt of my boyfriend... the spots came from when I was younger chicken pox and acne on my body and picking with scars :( I really want to be able to live a normal life with my boo and be happy. He loves me to death but he sometimes thinks that I don't care about him because I won't show too much affection. And its definitely not that I don't love him its because I'm self concience and I don't want him to see my body. :( I'm so confused I have tried everything, Coco butter, shea butter, ambi, aloe vera gel, vitamin e oil, lemon juice, baking soda you name it I've tried it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anyone help! I think I'm going to have to go see a dermatologist that specializes in African American skin. If you have any suggestions or if you are having a similar problem please post here I would love to hear from you.:)