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    Benoquin! Is a small amount harmful? Can I use it after laser hair removal?

    Asked Apr 13, 2012, 11:29 AM
    I wanted to know more about Benoquin.
    My first question: Does is cause cancer or other skin diseases, or is it safe to use a little concentration of it?

    Secondly: I am a Pakistani by origin, but I'm not very dark skinned as I've got a Kashmiri mother. I want my skin to be lighter, if I want "nearer to" a Caucasian white skin without skin damages or harm what is your advice? Pure white or what? Please advise me on this.

    Is it when your skin is COMPLETELY depigmented that you never get dark again, or you don't get dark again even if your not completely depigmented and are just shades lighter? Meaning, do you have to maintain your skin colour once you start getting lighter or not?

    Can you use Benoquin after laser hair removal on your body?

    Four questions, detailed answers please! I'm scared of getting diseases, don't want to make my life a living hell. I mean, even of you don't look bad and are using it wisely, there is a chance of you getting a disease in the future isn't it?
    P.S. I'd love a reply from anyone, but I would also like lovie1's and Vahid's reply. Also, lovie1 can you please send me your before and after pictures? Here's my email address: >Removed<

    Thank you, please try answering all of my questions.

    Answers from all of you will be welcomed!
    Thank you.

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