Hi --

Recently I noticed that red with white center bumps started to appear on my right arm,elbow, and underarm. At first they just looked like bug bites, either by a spider or maybe a mosquito.

A few days later they started to grow larger. Note, during this time I never scratched at them and was applying an ointment.

Soon they became dime sized open sores on my arm and underarm! They really hurt, was completely split open, and kept oozing a yellow liquid.

The major ones have healed, but I now see more of the little red.white bumps popping up again.

I simply do not know what the heck is going on, and I don't know if I should go see a doctor or not. This can't be an allergic reaction to bug bites, because they keep popping up, going away, then repeating. So far I've had 7 on my arm and 10 near my armpit area.

Please help!