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    Apr 22, 2017, 06:19 AM
    Eye puffiness
    A couple weeks ago I noticed a dry patch on my eyelid and I assumed it was from my makeup. I had been super busy because it was my last two weeks of college so I hadn't been washing my makeup off so I just assumed that it was because of having eyeshadow there. So I started washing my face every night and moisturizing afterwards. It seemed to be working, the dry patch was almost gone. But yesterday was my last day and we were taking group photos of my program so I put makeup on. I moisterized and put on primer and stuff and even washed it off early in the day as soon as I got home. But as the day went on I noticed my eyes were beginning to become puffy and I was developing another dry spot on my other eyelid. There's only slight itchiness on the eyelid with the first dry patch but nothing two noticeable. There's not pain. There's some discolouration on the eyelid with the first patch. I want to go see a doctor but it's Saturday and they're not open. I'm just worried about what it is and how to fix it. I'm going to lay off the makeup for a while until I see a difference but I'm not 100% if that's the problem.
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    Apr 22, 2017, 07:25 AM
    Go see a dermatologist as soon as possible.
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    Apr 22, 2017, 11:25 AM
    Makeup and eyelids are disasters waiting to happen.
    But not real 'disasters;' just pesky skin conditions that grow on tender skin that is folded or hidden and made worse by being covered even more.
    Keep your eyelids totally clear of anything, and clean and dry without rubbing. Walk around with your eyebrows way up and your lids half closed so air can get to your skin.
    There are many things it can be, none serious.
    If they itch, it's OK to dab a little cortisone cream on them. There are many brands.
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    Oct 22, 2017, 11:52 PM
    Eye puffiness could be a symptom of lack of sleep or allergies. To reduce them you can put tea bags on the eyes, this relaxes the skin and helps to get rid of the puffiness. If you want better results, apply once a day dermalmd treatment for under eye puffiness.

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