For the past year or so, I have had very dry anf flaky skin on my upper eyelids.

So I began moisturising with cetaphil - which worked for a while, then it got worse so I started using paw paw ointment and that worked for a while, however, it came back.

So then I started using sorbeline for very dry skin and also vaseline. These both worked for a while and now it is back!

It seems that my skin is getting used to the moisture and needs something more.
I have tried leaving it alone (no make-up or moisturiser) and that just makes it a lot worse (extremely flakey)

The dry skin patches are not very red unless a scrape the dry flakes off (I only do this if I am going out to a party etc as a last resort)

I am not sure if this is mild eczema or if it is something else?

I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to get rid of this without seeing a dermatoligist?

I am also aware that weather can effect the skin, it is winter at the moment (thats why it is worse at right now) but as I said I have had it for over a year, so it is not just the cold weather.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated :)