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    Oct 28, 2012, 02:05 PM
    Do all first degree burns scar

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Hi, I am currently a single woman and seeing two people, please don't judge I am only seeking help, and I am having unprotected sex with both of them. Both men are clean of STI's, but I had sex with one of them and afterwards, my upper vaginal area burned after urination, it's only getting worse....

Help! It burns! [ 5 Answers ]

I used hair removal cream today on my bikini area, I usually just remove all the hair from there and am very careful not to get it inside. Today I wasn't so careful and afterwards, when it was all washed off and I was passing urine, it burnt! Have I done some kind of permanent damage? I always...

Burns when I pee [ 8 Answers ]

Why does it all of the sudden burn when I pee? I haven't had sex in a long time, but I have had a energy drink. I drank a lot and I should be use to it. It only burns at the head area though. Any thoughts or questions?

Face Burns [ 1 Answers ]

I used hydroquinone 4% cream to lighten a few dark marks on my face and it burned it, how to clear the burns?

Is there anything for burns? [ 5 Answers ]

I burn myself on a motorcycle on my leg and ankle is there anything for that> and will this leave apermanent scar>? :'(

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