Like a week ago I hit my finger on something and the nail cracked the whole way through the bottom horizontally and I kept playing with it until the bottom half came off (to where it bled a little) and the top half is fine. So I cut the dead nail off as far as I could to the cuticle and put a band aid on it. Now it's been several days and it doesn't look normal at all. Where the new nail is growing it's bumpy but hard and it seems like there is pus or something under it. And there is a slight greenish/yellowish color where the dead nail is/was. I thought it may be a fungus or something but I couldn't find appropriate fungus cream... Should I go to the doctor or will it be okay? Do I need to do anything to it to soften it up and make it look normal? I'm just scared that it will never grow back normally because it just looks so weird now! Pleeeasseeee help! I want my nail back :(