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    Mar 20, 2009, 11:41 AM
    How to copy movies to cd.not to sale but to backup
    I want to copy specific movies to a cd... Do I need special downloads or can I do this wiyh just installed programs>
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    Mar 20, 2009, 03:41 PM

    You have to purchase special software in order to do this.
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    Mar 21, 2009, 10:53 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by larry479353 View Post
    I want to copy specific movies to a cd..... Do I need special downloads or can I do this wiyh just installed programs>
    I believe you mean copy "to DVD" rather than "CD." That being said, there are several FREE programs to accomplish your task. Of course first you must have a DVD RW Drive (aka, Burner) device. It takes two distinct steps. First you need to decrypt/remove the protection on commercial movie, and then burn the movie files to a Blank DVD+/-R. Also during these processes you need some 5GB plus temporary storage space on your Hardrive. Two free programs to remove protection are DVD Decrypter and DVD43. Both work well and I prefer DVD43, which when installed on PC works in background (but you will see Task Tray icon go from Yellow to Green indicating decryption functioning) any time a protected DVD movie is put into DVD drive, so you can then copy that movie with any other Burner program. Free DVD Burner programs are many when it comes to UNencrypted movies. DVD Decrypter can do both, but I have had poor results when using to Burn; it does create unencryoted files in hard drive that can be used later by any DVD Burner program. BUT your big problem/choice will be what size/capacity BLANK DVD+/-R you want to burn to. The normal movie is roughly 7.5GB in size (does vary), and normal blank DVD is only 4.7GB capacity, so that means big reduction is needed. Most DVD programs will not reduce (Recode) the movie files down to 4.7GB. If you are willing to buy the DVD-DL (Double Layer) blank disks and your DVD Bruner drive is capable (most in last 5 yrs are), then no need to reduce the normal 8GB movie downward since DVD DL blanks can hold around 8GB. But if you do use typical DVD+/-R blank disks, then either use DVDShrink or Nero Recode2 programs. Nero is not free, but it was included with Nero Burn 6 and 7, and does well if you can obtain. Free is DVD Shrink; it works fairly well; only it's file terminology takes some practice (Note: it can also burn from “iso” image file, but that will be later if you pursue in earnest). In shrinking the original movie files of 7GB+ down to 4.5GB you do lose some picture quality, but with normal TV and not zooming in you should be OK. Don't forget many of these steps require temporary storage space of 5GB or more on your Hard drive (DRAM is not much problem). And buy good quality blank DVDs (or you will waste many and become frustrated). I like Sony and Verbatim; Fuji is OK. The rest is not worth your wasted time. Of course all this sounds easy, but there will be failures and mistakes and several coasters. But once you get the idea, it is fun. But then again retail prices of movies are not expensive these days ($15), so you may just order over internet for prefect Movie of your own. PS- many websites have much more details on the above programs and procedures, so many my short version can help; whereas their long versions can add details.

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