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    Aug 13, 2006, 04:51 PM
    The Wicker Man
    I just watched the movie The Wicker Man again last night, and although the ending is disturbing, I always find the content and details very intriguing. I initially saw the movie as part of a film study course in university. As I recall, my professor said that the writer did a lot of research and went to great pains to ensure that the neo pagan details were accurate.

    My question is directed mainly to people who are pagan, wiccan, etc. Do you feel the details were indeed accurate? Obviously I'm not meaning the horrible ending / sacrifice part, but just all the little details in the movie about how the people on the island lived. Thanks, just curious! :)
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    Aug 16, 2006, 08:01 PM
    Not much 'neo' in that flick. But they do have many of the old pagan customs right. The dance, the meaning of the maypole, etc. I don't know whether the druids of old really did the wicker man sacrifice, and if they did, whether they did them with humans. The only records from the times are written by the Romans who were busy exterminating the druids. So was it historical document or propaganda?
    It's a fun movie. Silly in so many ways. But a good intriguing plot. It all happens in a single day's time. A real cult film. And there is a place in Scotland where they grow vegetables with great success and size. That is Findhorn. A real spiritual community.

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