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    Oct 28, 2017, 02:51 AM
    Pain in my left testicle
    I am Sundeep,28yrs,Male. I am suffering with pain in my left testicle past 2 days. I visited doctor and explained my problem to him and asked various question regarding causes like any recent injuries or hits that that area. I said no. And said I use to masturbate. He said it is not cause. And asked me to go for doppler scan. Report says every thing is fine. Doctor said nothing to worry and wrote one pain killer tablet.
    I thing is I used to masturbate twice a day. But after pain I stopped (past 5 days). I didn't say this.
    Now I want to know that "am I facing a big problem?" do spearm count also effect due to this Or is it a temporary problem using pain killers will solve these with stopping my masturbating activities from now on.
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    Oct 28, 2017, 03:07 AM
    Read ALL of this

    You can ignore torsion and any other condition that would be obvious just from looking at your body, or cancer or anything that would have shown on the scan.

    Doctors typically adopt a wait-and-see approach to pain. 2 days could just mean that you strained a leg or groin muscle and the strain is affecting a nerve to your testicle. He was extra thorough by sending you for a scan so early. Another typical cause might be a urinary infection, but it would usually sting when you urinate.

    Masturbation has nothing to do with it, as he told you. Take the pain killer, and get some ibuprofin at a drugstore, and wait a week before calling the doctor again, if you still have pain. Try soaking in a hot bath every day to relieve any muscles that might be strained. Press all around your abdomen and left leg to feel for sore muscles.
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    Oct 28, 2017, 03:44 AM
    Thank you for your reply, I forgot to include my testicle size appeared (touch)to be decreased, I studied in various websites that more masturbation will lead to decrease in size, sparm count, future erection. Is that true?
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    Oct 28, 2017, 04:15 AM
    No. Twice a day is nothing. Twenty times a day might be excessive. Sperm count going down is meaningless in a healthy man. Not masturbating to increase sperm count is just for those who have trouble making a baby. Testicle size decreasing from masturbation is new to me, but if it goes down just because of temporary depletion of semen, so what - it recovers. Don't confuse a healthy male with one who can't get a woman pregnant because of some underlying condition.

    And future erections have nothing to do with it either.

    Don't jump into the deep part of the ocean until you wait on muscle/nerve irritation as the cause.

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