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    Nov 22, 2015, 12:14 AM
    Could I be pregnant?
    I had my last period from 11th October till 14th October. I am regular, so I should have had my period around the 11th of November as well. But during that time, instead of the regular 4 days of flow, I had very scanty bleeding for about three days. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned about this because I know that it will be normal the next month, but this time I am concerned because I had some form of intercourse in the previous month. Around the 17th of November my boyfriend and I tried to have intercourse (without protection) but the hymen didn't break as he had difficulties in sustaining an erection. It may have partially been broken and it is possible he could have ejaculated near my vagina.
    I'm worried because I'm not sure if I could be pregnant. Although I don't have any of the symptoms of pregnancy in the first month, I'm still scared. Please tell me what could I do? Is it possible for me to be pregnant in spite of all this?
    Looking forward to a reply. Thank you.
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    Nov 22, 2015, 06:02 AM
    You had sex so it is possible... whats more you had UNPROTECTED sex which makes it far more likely... Breaking your hyman has NOTHING to do with it. It could occur the moment he makes contact, he doesn't NEED to finish... finishing only makes it far more likely.

    What many people think are symptoms are usually something else... Missed period is one that really IS a valid one. And no woman is ever always regular... every woman is late from time to time and every women will have an off period from time to time, and this will be BEFORE she is in her late 20's. And far more before she enters menopause.

    First... if you are worried about getting pregnant... you NEED to take some control and responsibility here. Birth control for yourself and REQUIRE him to us it as well to increase effectiveness over just one form alone. Or he doesn't get near you.

    Because you WILL be going through this... possibly alone, a LOT of guys take off rather than deal with what they helped create. And guess who gets left holding the bag. Yes, you.

    After you are 2 weeks late..its time to really be sweating, and time to take a pregnancy test...first thing after you wake up first and ONLY the first time you pee that day. And read it in the time window specified by the test.
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    Nov 22, 2015, 06:39 AM
    You had sex. (not some form of it) it was sex.

    Could you be pregnant, yes.
    The reason you are not having any signs is that normally there are no signs this early except missing a period.

    With that said, the stress of worry could also be causing this.
    And while you may often be regular, most women miss one sometimes, and are often late now and then.

    I agree, after you are two weeks late, take a test, and as noted, with the first urine of the day, as soon as you wake up
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    Nov 22, 2015, 01:25 PM
    Could you clarify, was the sex around 17th of November, or did you mean the 17th of October?

    If from October, you could try a test now... following directions carefully. If it was November, wait and see what happens when you would expect your period in December.

    Just know that anytime you have sex, even with minimal penetration, pregnancy could be a possibility. Some situations just make it either more likely or less likely.

    Using birth control correctly can lower the chance even more but it can still be a possibility even then.

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