How can I raise capital to build a home that will offer housing in a private home like setting. My guests will be 60 and older.
I have built a number of homes before, have a degree in art and have an eye for good home design.
This home will also house my 89 year old mother.
Each person will have their own studio of nearly 300 sq. ft. with private bath, include 2 gourmet meals per day in a gracious manner with top notch chef.
We will have an indoor pool ( I already own such a pool) and also have a small green house with organic gardener keeping the garden and also a grounds keeper. House keepers will clean each studio each week and the courtyard will enchant our guests and residence.
I have 75% of the money I will need in cahs but want each guest to contribute to the building fund. Perhaps $3,000.00 to $45,000.00 would really inable me to make this happen.
All utilities are paid by me and I include a 5 night Caribbean cruise with the other guests each year after they have paid for 12 months lodging. Rents will be in the range of $1750.00 for the 1 shared bedroom with bath and the others will be charged between $2,400.00 and $2,850.00 per mo.
In my area independent living homes that house 100 guests are all full so I know there is a need.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
This home will be in the Athens Ga. Area, one of the premiere place to retire in many retirement books.