This question is for which are on this help desk or any where, Please answer this question. If A boy and a girl will fall in love in 18-20 age and if they feel better to tell there parents about his\her love and on that situation his\her parents will forced both side to forget there love and many other types of tocher they will also punished there child at this. All this is done with me now m in this situation my father will shauted me from when I 3-4-5 years till m 20 he will shuted me many physical punishments like(he beat me with stick, slap.. kick, etc).
On occations , fastivals and on many more times when we are happy I wish myself to hug my father and by seeing my past ma mind will puzzled. THis is very short but I know in our country INDIA there is so many parents are like this. BY this parental pressure there is so many cases of suicide are ouccurs daily. I think this is not in India also this is in all the world. So many youngster will give hug to death daily.
For example:- two couples love each other very much and there parents will doesn't allow them to marry then the following steps they(lovers) will put themselves:-
1) They will get court marriage.
2) They will ran away from there home
3) On girl side her parents will marry her with other one and her beloved will died to know that news.
4) BOth go to the suicide point(train track, building top floor, river or sea, etc) and both will die.

This is better or the parents will allow them to marry each other
If there children are happy they are also happy
Know friends my condition is very bad very very very bad
Answer this questiion this problem is all of you so please think and write your comments