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    Nov 7, 2012, 09:45 AM
    Low deductible or High deductible
    My wife and I are both retired, and over 60. My health insurance plan is offered by my former employer through BCBS. Up until now we have opted for the higher deductible ($5000) plan, but since we are living on a lower income now, we are thinking about choosing the lower deductible ($2500) plan for 2013. Our health is fair, but as we get older it only figures that medical issues will increase. The difference between the yearly premium amounts is only around $500. My previous employer will add $1000 to the HSA account with the lower deductible plan, and $2000 to the higher deductible plan. Does it make sense that we would more likely take the lower deductible plan since it is only about $500 more per year, and we'd only need to pay out of pocket $1500 to reach the deductible, versus paying $3000 out of pocket to reach the higher deductible?
    Thanks for any feedback in advance.

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