Listed below is the latest info about my 96.5 year old grandma. Note -- she is seeing the doctor and nurses in her home tomorrow... (my Uncle is her caregiver and he is just wonderful with her). We are all worried because she is refusing to eat. I saw her today... She is really out of it... Her hands are freezing... But she wants to be cold? We kept putting a blanket on her and even gloves and she kept taking them off... I think food doesn't taste good to her anymore? Another note: she has alzheimers (we believe)... She is also very pleasant. Always the sweetest... Never complains. It's amazing to me. She doesn't take any medications besides eye drops to prevent macular degeneration progression.

This is the email my uncle sent to me (please offer any advice):

Refusal to eat [exceptions: black raspberry ice cream, plain water, some juices]

2. Nothing tastes palatable [favorite foods are routinely refused; no hunger pangs exhibited]

3. Swallowing difficulties [several seconds required to swallow ordinary water]

4. Very low blood pressure [possibly triggered by dehydration] -- B.P. Reading is 94 / 70

5. Constipation or irregular bowel movements [no B.M. For ten days; no abdominal discomfort]

6. Drowsiness and listlessness during daylight hours [inclination to nap, although roused easily]

7. Sparse urine production [very strong odor noted; normal color and clarity; no apparent discomfort]

8. B ody temperature of 97.3 degrees