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  1. Thank you so much ebaines... I really appreciate...

    Thank you so much ebaines... I really appreciate it. :-)
  2. IT-203 NY form, line 13 - unemployment compensation

    I'm a NJ resident who collected unemployment benefits from NJ up until April 2009. In May 2009, I was gainfully employed in NY from May through end of 2009. When completing the IT-203 for NY State,...
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    When to file for unemployment benefits

    If you're laid off from your job and eligible for unemployment, do you have to wait until after your last severance check to file the unemployment claim?
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    Widow to Act as Plaintiff

    Brother-in-law passed away but has a pending lawsuit and now his widow/my sister wants to continue lawsuit on his behalf. Is she considered the executrix of his estate and can act on his behalf?
  5. Form to use for file state '04 &'05.Live in NJ and work in NY

    Need to file state taxes for 2004 & 2005... resident of NJ but worked in NY. Which form (s) should I use to do my own filing and save some bucks?

    Or if I want to save myself, pain & suffering,...
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