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  1. The Tax Guy

    Dear all,

    I finally asked "The Tax Guy" to help me file taxes and I highly recommend his service. He is obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and it was a pleasure to work this him. I...
  2. What is the advantage of filing as dual-status?

    I am a French citizen, married to a Taiwanese woman. I entered the US in Jul 2002 to study and graduated in May 2004.

    I started to work in June 2004 under the F1 visa (OPT). I transferred to H1B...
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    Your reply

    Thank you Atlnata Tax Expert. I am going to research your previous posts.
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    What about the first-year choice?

    Dear Atlanta Tax Expert,

    I saw in other threads that you write that one cannot claim residency status if the H1B started after the 3rd of July. But what about the first-year choice (see...
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