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  1. Ladies and gentlemen I'm talking to "gandolf"

    Boy oh boy, gees louise... hi psychic dude,
    Now your really jumping the gun mate! You're not seriously telling me you can move stuff with your mind??
    Wake up son, you've seen "stars wars" too much...
  2. Looking for name of this awesome old cowboy flick

    Okay, I don't know how much this info is going to help to explain.
    #This young soft spoken fella comes to a town to become sheriff.
    #I think his old man was sheriff ages ago. Maybe I'm...
  3. I'm not getting cheeky, but how can you prove this stuff is true?

    Psychics, fortune tellers e.t.c
    I don't know man, but gees I don't think this stuff is real and something one can actually apply and take into consideration in the choices one makes. Does anyone beg...
  4. Australia what's "John" actually doing to us?

    With all the recent talk with Unions fighting against what John Howard is proposing with industry changes, I'm confused what this actual means to the blue collar worker like me?
    Can anyone explain?...
  5. Answers

    What was the best K.O in pro boxing?

    I am forever discussing with mates and people alike, what was the all time best knock-out in boxing. Please tell me what you think.
    A couple of favourites of mine are:
    *Zab Judahs little...
  6. Question: Rugby

    by half_samoan

    Dear "Trooper12"...

    Hey "trooper 12",
    Why do you think "rugby" stinks? Okay..
    Maybe the comment from someone else that you quoted may just be a tad bit too much, I can understand that...
    Maybe you haven't seen a...
  7. Question: Rugby

    by half_samoan

    Watz up

    Hey old coach,
    Thanks for the reply, um yeah well about the "super 12", it's now going to be "super 14" with the addition of 2 new teams: the perth, australia based "western force" and south african...
  8. Answers

    Weights with Injuries?

    I recently injured my knee in sports, and I don't think I can do squats or any major leg training for a fair few monthes. So iv'e decided to concentrate on my upper body for the time being. Does...
  9. Question: Rugby

    by half_samoan

    Rugby is the game they play in heaven...

    Howzit going old coach,
    I have to agree with your love for the game! Rugby truly is for me, the greatest game of them all. Tactics, speed, power, endurance. By the...
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