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    Re-enlistment to Active Duty possible?

    I just received an Honorable Discharge in August of 2008. Due to the economy and the Job market... I am wanting too re-enlist back into Active Duty Status. My discharge was a Ch. 5-13 Personality...
  2. What scholarships/grants can a person apply for?

    Im getting out of the military, so I'm not even 100% sure that I will get my GI Bill... so, that being said... what would be the best one to apply for? Also... my wife has nothing but a G.E.D and is...
  3. Pregnant wife wants divorce. Who gets the kid?

    My wife is only 14 weeks pregnant, but wants a divorce... my only question is: If we get a divorce now... how will we go about custody proceedings after the child is born?
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    Pregnant sickness/ clueless.

    :confused: my wife is pregnant, her stomach is hurting really bad... what beverages and foods should she eat to help with this pain?
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    GTA 4 on xbox live

    I just got the new GTA 4... I turn on my xbox360... it goes straight to the game, so I sign into the xbox dashboard... and I put in my 4 digit code to sign into xbox live! OK... so after signing into...
  6. Best paying jobs with certification only?

    What's the best paying jobs attainable that you need a "certification" for... IE> IronWorker, underwater welder. Just certification exams.. Because when I get out of the army, I'm going to use my gi...
  7. Is there such a thing as Online Consultants?

    Just wondering, I'm in the army currently, overseas... and I'm just trying to find out a way to make extra money on the side. Any sugggestions?
  8. Clueless on how to ship a puppy from the states to Germany

    My wife and I are currently trying to buy a Siberian Husky Puppy and we can't find one anywhere in Germany, so we are having to look on the internet for pups in the states. We've found some, but we...
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    Military advise

    As I've posted before, I'm currently trying to get out of the army, JAG already kicked back my paperwork back twice. I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can just go back up to the mental health people...
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    Bruce A Berman. Anyone?

    I just recently subscribed to Bruce A Berman's financial freedom series of cd's. I've popped them in, and listened to them. They seem to make a lot of sense, but I'm wondering if anyone out their has...
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    Other than honorable discharge

    I'm currently in the military, and I've been diagnosed with a personality disorder, they are chaptering me out because of this, but my packet is at JAG, and it's been kicked back twice already. I'm...
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    Underwater welding companies?

    Anybody know of any underwater welding companies in the southeast?
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    Is Underwater Welder a good career?

    Somebody please help me, I just found out that my step dad got offered a job running this boat on the Alabama rivers, he said that he would hire me as an underwater welder. Also... it seems...
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