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  1. Greenboard or Cement Backerboard for tiling a shower stall

    I need to tile a shower stall, I have removed the old tile and sheet rock, and yes it was sheet rock, the house was built in 1969. My question is what do folks recommend, green board or cement...
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    A one inch offset for a shower drain?

    I have removed the tile from by shower floor along with the drain. I then realized that the drain is not centered in the shower stall, it is off by one inch from center. The stall is on a concrete...
  3. Thanks, that is what I am hoping for, I am sure...

    Thanks, that is what I am hoping for, I am sure once I start this project I will have questions about the drain. And from what I can tell I will get my answer here.
  4. Removing a Shower Tile Pan on a concrete slab (Basement)

    I am trying to figure out the best way to remove a tiled shower pan from my shower in the basement. I am planning on replacing the floor pan with a pre-fabricated version. I am presuming that I...
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