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  1. YouTube Advertisements In Wrong Language ??

    I've gone through YouTude & Google following prompts to set Language Preference , Location and all that to No Avail.. Problem I'm English NOT French and constantly get Advertisements spoken in French...
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    Mortgage Renewal / Down to One Person

    Curious How much the Process will Change ?? My Mortgage is Due for Renewal June 2023 .. Our present home , the Mortgage was done up Jointly between my Wife and I.. My Wife Passed Away last July 2021,...
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    Victor Mouse Traps

    Curious anyone have a success rate at arming a Victor Mouse Trap (Yellow Peddle Style) .. I've watched a couple How To YouTube videos , they make it look so easy when I now from personal experience...
  4. GE Refrigerator / Loose Handle Freezer Compartment

    Have a GE Refrigerator with a Separate Pull Out Freezer Compartment at the Bottom of the unit.. The Handle to Pull out the Compartment has become a Tad loose.. There appears to be no easy access to...
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    Insurance Rates Climbing ??

    Curious as it is Apples & Oranges comparing the Cost of Insurance between my Son and I.. Do the Insurance Companies not adjust your premium after 2 yrs Safe Driving , No Claims or Tickets ?? My Son...
  6. jlisenbe: 1. Toilet Only 2. Bowl Only 3. ...


    1. Toilet Only
    2. Bowl Only
    3. Sometimes takes a couple extra flushes to get things to cycle through properly.
    4. We have a Bell Shaped Holding Tank , stands 3' high.. Not sure...
  7. Almost Foamy Bubbles When Flushing Toilet ??

    Curious , Been having problems with our Toilet Flushing .. It started shortly after that Heavy Storm passed through May 21st (Derecho).. We were without power for a total pf 7 days.. Rural setting...
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    Received 2 Emails Garble De Gooped ??

    Use Windows 10 Edge.... I received 2 emails , one from a Personal Friend the other was a Notification from a Business.. They both started out fine but after the first paragraph it was all letters &...
  9. Is It a Low Battery in Key Fob or Something Deeper ??

    Have a 2017 Honda Accord, the Trunk Release Button located under the lip of the Trunk Lid doesn't respond when pressed.. Neither will the Trunk Lock release when pressing Tab on Key Fob.. Lever by...
  10. Small Appliance / Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

    Just bought a Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder Model # 80385.. Put it through it's paces , now at the clean out stages.. Problem , following the instructions for removing the grinder assembly .. Turn...
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    Curlyben... We did look into Starlink awhile...

    Curlyben... We did look into Starlink awhile back.. They don't serve our area, to use the term being a Proprietary Thing (??).. Rogers only come so far but not far enough as well... Cheers Thanks 👍
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    Wireless Internet Signal

    We live in Rural area that come Spring the Ditches are about to overflow and fields are just one big lake .. I Presently have HiSpeed DSL through Buried Cable that has been in the ground for eons...
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    Splash Pan Underneath Car ....

    Have a 2017 Honda Accord seems the Splash Pan underneath the car everytime I take the Car to a Mr Lube or Oil Changers the Splash Pan has to be loosened and turned to access the Oil Drain Plug.....
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    Small Breed , Occasional Piddle Inside..

    Have a Small Breed Dogs .. They occasionally swat in the kitchen on the wood floors.. Floors are scrubbed clean.. Looking for a DIY remedy we can spray in areas to Detour them from leaving small...
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    Elran Reclining Chair Needs Adjustment ??

    We have an Elran Reclining Chair , needs adjustment in two areas.. This Model has a Halfmoon Design release handle on the right side.. (1) Pull the handle you can recline to the full extent , problem...
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    Proper Dried Dog Food ??

    We have 2 Pure White Dogs part Bichon Frise & Shih Tzu (Small Breed).. The Male gets a Red Stain from Weeping Eyes and The Female gets a Slight Rash under her arm pits and scratches.. I've been...
  17. A Yellow Finch Started It All / Now a Robin ??

    Our Home faces a Direct Southerly Exposure.. For Why I don't know but right at Sun Up a Yellow Finch would start pecking at the Kitchen Window, to the point now a Robin is doing likewise.. I tried...
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    All the Duct Work comes out from the Ceiling... I...

    All the Duct Work comes out from the Ceiling... I will try setting @ 23'C and see if that makes a difference ?? Thanks
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    Central Air / Basement Much Colder ??

    We had a Central Air Unit installed 2 yrs ago.. House is 938 sq ft Matchbox Style, Finished Basement.. The Unit is set to Turn On at 20'C or 68'F , Problem is the Basement becomes much much colder...
  20. Exhaust System Rough Estimate to Replace...???

    My Grandson has a 2013 Hyundai Elantra 1.8L Automatic.. He tells me something needs to be Welded to secure the exhaust system back in place.. To my way of thinking to weld is to patch therefore...
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    Which Would Better To Get Fixed ??

    We are Relocating with 2 Dogs (1 Male, 1 Female) their Part Bichon Frise & Shih Tzu mix.. Short Back Story, they come from a pack of 4 (3 Female 1 Male) We are moving and the plan is to Re House 2...
  22. Selling a House Privately As The Seller What Expenses Do You Incur

    To Sell a House Privately , What Expenses are You Responsible for to Make the Sale ??
  23. Cub Cadet Snowblower / Auger Cable a Tad Loose ??

    Have a 9 yr old Cub Cadet Snowblower, this Winter when the Temps dipped below (-15'C) for a few days the Wheels would act like their Locked Up, sometimes pulling the Machine out of the Shed the...
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