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    Which contractor should I hire?

    I have narrowed my choice between 2 roofing contractors to replace my asphalt shingled roof and I'm trying to decide which to hire. Below is the comparison:

    *Both Contractors are well known highly...
  2. Thank you Wondergirl for your response. I had...

    Thank you Wondergirl for your response.

    I had similar thoughts concerning this. The painful part is that it's a $1,300.00 lesson and it just really galls me that this gal is probably grinning...
  3. Relative using relative to defraud another relative

    March 2019 my 46 year old son lost is wife in a car accident.

    May 2020 a single female cousin, same age as our son (not blood related), who is estranged from her parents and most relatives due to...
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    GFCI tripping question

    Sometimes when I pull the chain to turn off the ceiling fan in the kitchen it will immediately cause the GFCI outlet near the kitchen sink to trip. I'm wondering what in the world is causing my...
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    Federal Form 709 for Gift Tax

    I need help with filling out Fed Form 709 to report cash gifts that I gave to a brother and sister in 2020.
    I went on line to look at the form and read the instructions but my gosh, what I found...
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    Since I posted this question I have since talked...

    Since I posted this question I have since talked to a couple of others that
    had the exact same situation I have.
    Last parent passes away, no debt, no assets to speak of except for some cash
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    Estate money distribution question

    My father passed away late December of 2019 leaving three children as survivors.
    He had zero debt, an automobile and approximately $120,000 in his checking and savings accounts.
    He created a...
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    Thanks for your reply. What does SOL mean?

    Thanks for your reply. What does SOL mean?
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    Tobacco Industry Law Suit

    My wife's father died of lung cancer at the early age of 55 back in the 1970's. He was a heavy smoker for years.
    My own father recently died at that age of 88 and was diagnosed with terminal lung...
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    Account theft, How could this happen?

    I received an email this morning from my bank notifying me of suspicious activity on my debit card and they gave me the last four digits of the debit card.

    I recognized the debit card in question...
  11. Thanks for the replies. I guess maybe I'm asking...

    Thanks for the replies. I guess maybe I'm asking the question too soon. You are right in that possibly even the govt. doesn't even have an answer as of yet.
    I guess I like to be on top of things so...
  12. I did see where folks were asking if this...

    I did see where folks were asking if this stimulus money is going to have
    to be claimed as income at tax time at the end of the year and some were
    saying NO, it would be considered as non-taxable...
  13. Health Care Market Place and Fed. Govt. stimulus check

    My wife has her health insurance coverage through the Health Care Market Place which determines the amount of her subsidy according to household income.
    The Market Place requires that any changes...
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    U.S. Savings bond question

    I am trying to establish the cash-in value on a group of bonds that have been cashed. I know the following about the bonds:

    These are all E and EE Bonds that have all reached maturity and were all...
  15. How do I turn off annoying top of screen TV dislplay

    When watching VHS movies on our flat screen TV there is this annoying Hour, Minute and second time counter running across the top of the screen. There is also a white arrow and the letters SP next to...
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    Thanks for your reply. I have a wall mounted...

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have a wall mounted Panasonic flat screen TV that is approximately 8 years old.
    I thought about doing what you suggested but I did not want to have to damage my paint job...
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    How to connect a VHS to a VCR

    I have a Phillips DVD Player / VCR DVP 3345V combination VHS and DVD
    Player. The VHS side has begun eating tapes.
    I have a spare Toshiba M635 VHS only player that I want to run in conjunction...
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    Best Water Heaters

    Because of its age, I am going to replace my 31 year old State water heater in my home and I'm in a quandary as to which is the best brand to buy. I have read hundreds of reviews and I find that all...
  19. Obama Care Market Place financial profile update question

    Each year when we sign up for Obama Care we are instructed to report what our income will be for the that year and that we need to update financial information with the Insurance Market Place...
  20. No dial tone and phone screen reads "Line in Use"

    My sister called my cellphone this morning and said she had been trying to call my landline for a few days and was only getting a busy signal. I removed my landline phone from its cradle and tried to...
  21. I do have a volt meter. Do I just simply test it...

    I do have a volt meter. Do I just simply test it for continuity? Disconnect the power source, set the meter at RX1KQ then touch the leads to the igniter terminals and see if I get a reading? If I...
  22. Cold air from my Maytag Gas Dryer Model DG4910

    My Maytag dryer suddenly stopped drying clothes.

    I turned on the machine and went outside to check for air flow from the vent and found it putting out a powerful blast of cold air.

    I went...
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    Well I noticed at the base of the spout was a...

    Well I noticed at the base of the spout was a knurled cone shaped collar.
    Out of curiosity and since I was replacing the unit any way and didn't care about damaging it, I put my channel locks on it...
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    After checking out everything mentioned above I...

    After checking out everything mentioned above I was at my wits end and just replace the faucet with a new one and PRESTO... NO MORE PROBLEMS.

    I found all the seals, stop valves, etc, to all be...
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    Thanks guys for your help! Tonight I worked...

    Thanks guys for your help!

    Tonight I worked some more on the problem and checked the aerator on the sink faucet spout and also took the head off the sprayer and both seem to be clear and flowing...
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    Spooks in the sink sprayer

    I recently replace the sink sprayer head in our kitchen sink because it was old and leaking.

    This sink sprayer has begun doing two things that is driving us nuts and I canít seem to discover what...
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