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    How can I be OK with being disliked?

    I'm not a popular person. Never have been. And one thing I've learned is that how popular you are in real life seems to shape how popular you'll be on social media too. For me, it's become pretty...
  2. Why do people roast and call others out on the Internet?

    Since we have a somewhat new "culture" of calling out and roasting people on the Internet and a lot of people seem to be attracted to this kind of social media drama, would it be weird of me to admit...
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    What does this line mean?

    Around 10:00 pm today, I took an ovulation test strip and I got a negative result in the form of a very faint pink line appeared where the Control line was marked. What does this mean?
  4. Is it implantation bleeding or a regular period?

    Professional answers please. Yesterday, what I believed to be my period just started and although it seemed to start rather heavy, it has all of a sudden become lighter and my cramps don't seem to be...
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    Well I suppose I can't say that all neurotypicals...

    Well I suppose I can't say that all neurotypicals hold a negative attitude towards people with Asperger's' and autism, some have become very accepting of them in fact, but some do remain ignorant as...
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    Autism and theory of mind?

    So we have this thing called "theory of mind" which basically means the ability to see that others have beliefs, intentions and perspectives that may be different from your own and to put yourself in...
  7. What are the procedures for selling scratch cards?

    I'm 24. From the UK and have worked in retail for nearly 2 years. Recently my store introduced a new National Lottery terminal and had it installed on one of the tills. Today I was shown for the...
  8. What determines a person's success on social media?

    It might seem like a no-brainer to most people what it is that determines how successful a person is on social media but for me, I'm still in a position of trying to work out exactly how this all...
  9. Why are people with Asperger's berated for misinterpreting social situations?

    Doesn't anyone find it a little ironic how people with Asperger's are berated by their "neurotypical" counterparts for missing social cues and misinterpreting people's intentions, but yet a lot of...
  10. I want to break traditional ideas about having an Instagram

    I'm going to be honest and admit that I don't like what people's Instagram pages seem to represent these days. I obviously can't say this for all people as I can't possibly know everyone's motives...
  11. For your information, I met my guy in person at...

    For your information, I met my guy in person at university and we spent a couple of years together in real time and only after certain circumstances did we go long distance. That makes me a loser,...
  12. I wish my relationship was perfect and I want to be the best woman I can possibly be?

    I have been in a relationship with a guy for over 4 years (we're in a long distance relationship at the moment) and at first I felt over the moon to have finally found love but now I find myself...
  13. What is B&M Bargains policy on selling painkillers?

    Today a customer wanted to buy four packets of painkillers, two packs of ibuprofen and two packs of paracetamol. I couldn't allow more than 2 packs per transaction so I sold her two of them on one...
  14. I think I have a psychological problem?

    I don't mind having a conversation with friends or other people closest to me, but I absolutely can't bear holding one with my Mum and I know that must be wrong in many ways. I had lost a job a few...
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