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  1. Comment on Enigma1999's post

    He doesn't know what his mother does(she will be too good in front of himdoesnt allow both of us to spend time together)if he takes me out.. his mother will be calling to hi/ or my mobile.. she has...
  2. Comment on Enigma1999's post

    Hii, ours is arrange marriage, 6months over our marriage, he was not short tempered, he is s/w engnineer. I stay with his mother, sister(unmarried-who is of my age25)n brother, he always tells that I...
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    I am the eldest daughter-in law, along with us my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in law are there. 6months completed our marriage. He is bit mummy boy. I don't interfere in any of there...
  4. I am newly husband spends most of his time with PC, he is short tempered

    I am newly married,my husband spends most of his time with PC, he is short tempered.. before marriage he used to talk very much in late nights.. now he hardly spends time with me.. I am into a joint...
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