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  1. To be honest I think you should work on you don't...

    To be honest I think you should work on you don't worry about dating sites. Since you longer are in the relationship its your first step try new hobbies things that will help you and keep you...
  2. All I want is what my husband is entitled to...

    All I want is what my husband is entitled to which is every 2 weeks. The Child enjoys being with me and his family and cries each time he has to leave. Husband has tried talking to her and she even...
  3. Comment on ScottGem's post

    What is frustrating is she calls the next day at night saying we can pick him up but drop him off the very next day at 3 which is to early . I don't have enough time to bond.
  4. Comment on ScottGem's post

    Her is an example we call early on a Friday and leave a message we would like to see my step son. She will call Saturday night 10pm and say she wants him back Sunday 3pm.
  5. Comment on JudyKayTee's post

    Yes he see's him every two weeks.
  6. Comment on joypulv's post

    1st of I'm not the one being difficult. I want to spend time with my step son. 2nd of all I'm not asking for the world I just want the regular visits which is every 2 weeks. Keep your personal...
  7. Husband deploying soon ex wife issues

    My husband is deploying soon he has a child with someone else. I want to be able to see the child once he is gone we asked his ex if it was okay and she said yes. Now that he is gone she will answer...
  8. Husband deploying ex wife giving problems on seeing the child

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