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  1. I did that as well. I can't find any sign of any...

    I did that as well. I can't find any sign of any thread. I don't have a screwdriver short enough to take out one of the two screws as the moment and so if there is more thread under there somewhere,...
  2. Why won't my Sewing Machine's needle move?

    I debated whether to post this in Crafts or Electronics. I hope I made the right decision.

    I bought a sewing machine a couple of years ago. I went to one lesson and then got busy with school and...
  3. Yeah I talked to her and I learned a bit more on...

    Yeah I talked to her and I learned a bit more on identifying the warm and cool colors. She seemed pretty open. Just as long as it isn't completely wrong. I will probably just go to Michaels. I think...
  4. How To Buy "Warm" And "Cool" Acrylics For School

    Here is the deal. I am an Art NEW MEDIA Major, but I do have to deal with traditional art classes, that of which contain concepts and mediums kind of foreign to me including paints.

    On my list of...
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    It is a really hard area to photograph. The car...

    It is a really hard area to photograph. The car stalls when at a stop. It revs up a bit, over and over, then stalls.
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    What is the name of this hose?

    This hose is torn and I think it is the reason for Ford Focus's Bank 1 too lean error. I think it is a PCV hose but I need to be sure.
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    Really? I remember knowing that as a kid but I...

    Really? I remember knowing that as a kid but I had figured technology had progressed enough where that was no longer an issue. It was probably plugged in for 18-24 hours. It is also over 5 years old.
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    Braun Electric Razor 7 760 Died

    I rarely ever use the travel charger that my Braun 7 series 760 electric razor came with, but when I used it to charge my razor, everything lit up like normal and when I came back to retrieve it it...
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    Should I Get A Social Security Lawyer

    First and foremost, I have incredible anxiety problems. It is one of many impairments that impede on my abilities to work. I am struggling enough trying to get through college in hopes that one day I...
  10. Drama film about filmmaker's desire to see Star Wars in 1977 as a teen

    This is the worse time to Google search this movie. I am hoping someone here knows what I am talking about.

    As far as I know, it still has not been released, but was made a while ago (I want to...
  11. [mystery] Water Use Turns Off Pressure/Heat-Reset Breaker To Fix

    So we have had electricians say they have fixed it and we have had electricians say they don't know how to fix it.

    -When using the kitchen sink or the shower (same side of house), eventually we...
  12. I do actually, and I might look into this. Thanks.

    I do actually, and I might look into this. Thanks.
  13. How To Watch Football That Isn't Airing In Your Location.

    SO it is going to be the year 2016 soon. We have accomplished many things. NASA is talking about visiting Mars in the near future and my cable box contains hundreds of channels.

    And yet, I cannot...
  14. Thanks for the reply. I willt ry what you said....

    Thanks for the reply. I willt ry what you said. My clock is sync'd to internet time. I believe it is minus 7. I am away from my laptop right now so I can't double-check.Thanks again, and if what you...
  15. XML Question Regarding Time Synchronizing.

    I am posting this here because it is an XML question, but it applies to my Ubuntu Linux Wallpaper. My wallpaper is an XML file that displays 8 wallpaper photos, slightly altered, to reflect the time...
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    THANK YOU! That makes sense now! Yeah the wording...

    THANK YOU! That makes sense now! Yeah the wording definitely tripped me up. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
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    Elementary Algebra (Math 100) question

    On a practice test, a word problem has confused me. I don't actually understand the question on the surface. The word problem was a variation of the one from the link below:

    Jimmy is a partner...
  18. I have medicare part A and B and I have had it...

    I have medicare part A and B and I have had it since 18... It does stop though, apparently.
  19. Social Security Disability Benefits Problem/Questions

    My pharmacy told me I no longer had medicare and so I called Social Security and was giving this smack in the face: My SSDI stopped. Reason?: They were not told I stopped working.

    1, I told them I...
  20. Sienna Vista outside of American River College. I...

    Sienna Vista outside of American River College. I tried to Google info but couldn't find anything. I don't imagine they are pulling anything illegal. But it's weird.
  21. Can't rent because I'm a full time student?

    Is this real? Just got told at a leasing office that they could not rent to me because they are some sort of certain community and have some sort of limit on full time student renters. I regret not...
  22. (SSI)Does financial aid count as income?

    When collecting SSI/SSDI, does financial aid need to be reported as income?
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    Headsets: Denon VS Beats (VS Philips?)

    I would like to purchase a new pair of headphones. I am constantly listening to music and quality is on the top of my list as well as design. I love ear bud headphones WITH HOOKS (otherwise they...
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    Broke And Trying To go To College

    After a major set back a while ago, I found myself homeless and broke until a gracious couple asked me to live with them rent free while I got my life back together.

    I decided to take this...
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    What is blocking rubyw.exe??

    My question is simply that. I am trying to install Private Internet Access and it won't install fully because, according to customer service, my firewall/AV/security/blah blah is blocking it and I...
  26. I have stumped the audience.

    I have stumped the audience.
  27. Windows Media Player Disable Cover Art In Picture Library?

    I recently started using WMP for the SOLE PURPOSE of creating a media server so I can share various folders on my external with my roommates and out PS3. I use VLC player and Foobar for my media.
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    Encouraging Words

    I was hospitalized at the beginning of July for suicidal thoughts. While in the hospital I was replaced by my boss/the owner of the business. She rehired me even though other employees now felt...
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    My Boss is a Sociopath

    I am in dire need of some guidance. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my boss is a sociopath. I will hope I do not come across as one who just likes to throw that word around. I do have...
  30. SO what is up with he Paul Mitchell plea on TV?...

    SO what is up with he Paul Mitchell plea on TV? He says the products are counterfeit.
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    Here is a link to the place I found: ...

    Here is a link to the place I found:
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    Sorry it took so long to respond. Sometimes I...

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Sometimes I forget I posted.

    I live in Roseville. CA (Placer county) but I FINALLY think I found a place. They seem to specialize in what I am looking for. It...
  33. How do stores get away with selling counterfeit hair care products?

    This has been bugging me for quite some time and I cannot find the answer. Stores OBVIOUSLY know their products are fake, they sell it anyway, and they don't get in trouble. How is this not regulated...
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    Dire need of psychiatrist

    I moved to CA from MA where getting a doctor was as simple as going into the office with your MassHealth card. I really wish I could say the same for CA

    I have medicare through SSDI and I also...
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    She hesitantly came back to me late last night :)...

    She hesitantly came back to me late last night :)

    Thanks for all your help! I appreciate it.
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    Thank you all for your replies. I just want some...

    Thank you all for your replies. I just want some hope. I will rent a trap tomorrow when the SPCA is open
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    Lost my cat. Will she come back?

    My indoor cat got out last night. I spent all last night and all day today looking for her and I could not find her. I have left out food and some of my clothing and still no sign of her. She means...
  38. Thank you for the responses. It could be B...

    Thank you for the responses. It could be B vitamin deficiency. Ive been vegetarian for almost 10 years, maybe a change in diet needs to be made. I only assumed it was the shampoo because it started...
  39. Need a good shampoo (preferably mint scented)

    I am in love with mint scented shampoos and I used to get a shampoo by St Ives a long time ago that has sense been discontinued. While shopping at a farmer's market/organic super market I was...
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    EBT/SNAP After moving to a new state

    I know that I can use my card anywhere in the US, should I bother canceling it and reapplying in the state I currently now live in or is this not allowed?
  41. Sorry I didn't get back to this thread. I grew...

    Sorry I didn't get back to this thread. I grew very stressed and busy. I did figure it all out and I did finally get my license. :) what a relief
  42. Applying for a valid CA license after moving across state

    I am confused as the process of switching from a MA state license to a CA state license. I am 25 and I really thought the process would involve me filling out an application, proving my identity and...
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    Income-Based housing

    I am looking for info on income based housing (more specifically for California(northern)) and how it works and the requirements. I am on disability and don't quite make enough to meet the...
  44. Getting from Sacramento Airport to Roseville

    I have never traveled alone before so I have no idea how this works. Are there generally taxis already at the airport waiting for travelers or do I have to call one when I land? Do they usually know...
  45. How much is Laz Parking Garage in Bridgeport, CT?

    I am taking the ferry from CT to Port Jefferson, NY. Ferry parking does not permit overnight parking (which I need). I have heard nothing but bad stories about Imperial Parking. I would like to maybe...
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    Earning Points with Club/Credit Cards

    I have good credit and my girlfriend and I love to travel. We are moving across country and away from family and friends next year and I am considering applying for a card in which I can earn points...
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    Advice on a camera

    I have owned 3 Kodak EasyShares in the past. The latest being the Z1285. I can say that, especially for the price, these are great cameras, especially the latter. I had no complaints except for one...
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    Buying a digital cable box

    I am trying to figure out the cheapest way to get cable. I currently have an older TV that isn't digital ready so I only get a few channels that I am assuming are analog

    My roommate upstairs, I...
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    SSI and income

    My father had been paying the difference on my rent after losing another job since disability was not enough. This money he was giving me for rent has counted as income and so SSI will be 0$. This...
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    Buying a Sewing Machine

    I think I want to buy my girlfriend a sewing new sewing machine for christmas. The one she has now is nice but she has mentioned a few times she wishes she had a metal one so that she can sew things...
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