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  1. How Do I Tone My Body (Specificly upper legs)

    So Im 16 and have a really high matabolism
    Im female, pants size 3(canadian) or if your american then Im a size 4 and have really small waste (shirt size s/xs) and Im only 5 foot 2

    So I know Im...
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    Shadow People

    So for the last few months I've been seeing a lot of messed up thing.
    The first time anything like this happened to me I was five of six. I sudenly woke up and opend my eyes right away. I looked...
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    they can be dangourous but mostly they just like...

    they can be dangourous but mostly they just like to watch you. What you saw in you kitchen sounds like it was a shadow person. (I'm not a expert on the subject. But I have experince. )
    how you say...
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