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    DO I NEED TO FILE SCHEDULE C for my 1099-misc?

    The amount on 1099-misc is 600$ and my expences for it on schedule C are 425.59. Do I only write 174$ on line 13 of 1040NR or am I better of doing deductions for this in my Itemised...
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    As non-resident, how do I deal with form 4137?

    I have a 1099-misc for which I should file form 4137 which computes Social security tax and Medicare tax. As F-1 student, I should not pay those. What should I do? File the formm 4137 with my 1040NR...
  3. Married non-resident-am I single for state return?

    The title says it all-I am Canadian and non-resident but married to another non-resident. For Federal tax, I am Married resident of Canada. What am I for state return? If I file State as Married...
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    Resident vs non-resident

    I was a canadian F-1 student from 1999 to 2002, when I graduated. Well not quite because I had to do an intership in order to graduate. But the school kicked me out od their system so I wasn't in F-1...
  5. If I file 1040NR, do I file state as nonresident?

    The title says it all-I worked in several states but I am foreigner. Does that mean that I file state taxes as non-resident as well?
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