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    Apr 23, 2013, 05:19 PM
    Need help identifying an anime
    I remember seeing an advert on an old dvd about a space/mech story that looked really good, but I can't remember the name.

    As far as I could tell there were only two characters and the setting was very desolate, like a huge abandoned spaceship. Very lonely and isolated feeling, like Solaris almost. Lots of blues and grays.

    The characters were two women who were in love. One was shorter and had glasses. All I remember is that the short one either got sick or was otherwise comatose and was put inside a huge metal pod while the other pounded on the pod's lid crying.

    It was heartbreaking, even though I didn't know the context.

    It was 80's or early 90's - that dark, heavy, cell painted look. It was not romantic at all, even though it was clear that they were girlfriends. The tone was sad and meditative.

    Any ideas?

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