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    Oct 29, 2012, 01:16 PM
    Do you know a cassette and book about space travel?
    Do you remember a book and cassette about a boy and a spaceship and places he travels - probably published 1986-1994?

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If anyone can please help me find the name of this book, It was a fun book and I'd love to read it again if I could only remember the name. Here are the things I remember about the book: It's a Sci-Fi adventure written for young adults about a boy who discovers a shed (might have been bunker...

A cartoon movie from the 1980's about space travel to another planet [ 1 Answers ]

The movie had a crew that went stupid on the way to the new planet through inbreeding while the father and son used cryogenics to survive the trip. The ship left it's planet because it was dying and they need to find a new planet to survive. At the end of the trip the father was like god and stayed...

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It was about the mid 80's when I read the book and it was set in current time the woman jumped or fell into her pool and came out of the water in the 1800's fell in love with someone and then jumped or fell into a river near the end and came up back in the future some how I think she gets back to...

Scene use cassette player in the classroom [ 2 Answers ]

Forgot the movie name. It has a scene that the student start using recorder to recording, then no student how up but all recorders, finally, the teacher also no show up, but use the cassette player.

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:confused: I remember this cartoon from when I was a kid about these two dogs that traveled by space shuttle at night. I remember the opening for it a little and it was of a log cabin in the middle of the woods and this space shuttle that would hover over the cabin to pick up the dogs. The dogs...

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