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    Oct 4, 2012, 02:53 PM
    Anime Ninja or Samurja moive from the 80s
    Hi I'm looking for a old movie possible 85-90 back then it was on VHS. Think it's a ninja or Samurja movie. Its about a boy that, that grow up in a clan that is in war whit a rivel clan or demons. He has a sister or fiancé that he get separated from. And he is trying to find her. What I can remember it has gore, and he use a short blade to kill his enemies.

    I think the main character´s name was yoshi or yushio. And that the girl kille her self in the end with a shuriken calling out his name before he can save her.

    I know for sure it´s not Ninja scroll or the dagger of kamui. But its around that time.

    If anyone remember or know that namne please let me know.

    Kind regard old Anime fan.

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