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    Animated Movie name
    There was an animated movie about this guy and his two or two friends, who went to a different planet. They meet a girls who help them to go back home at the end. Do you know the name?

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I saw this movie when I was really young so I can only remember vague parts of it. Its about someone who works as a dream catcher or dream organizor his job is to keep nightmares away,then these gaints escape this land of dreams somehow and come to the city to scare the children. Can anyone tell...

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So I remember this movie. It had something to do with saving a forest from "evil" humans. There was a kangaroo in it and some kind of elves I guess? And a whole team of forest creatures.. who went to a circus or something.. Sorry for the crappy explanation but it's all I remember.. Does anyone...

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Gosh please help! I can't remember the title of it and my memory is hazy but it was like a really short cartoon movie, probably 15 minutes long and it was like a bunch of girls going to a dance. I think they were in a hurry like they were late. And there was something about a white convertible...

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All I can remember from this movie is that it was animated and there was a blimp and a parade and something evil sort of like a mysterious cloud I want to say was after the girl (main character) it's not Kiki's Delivery Service (cause that has a blimp 2) but I just can't remember!! Please Help! I'm...

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So I can usually remember movies really well, but their was one that forever keeps eluding me. So it's def. an animated movie back in the late eighties or early nineties, but I would say it seems more like a japanese animation, but in english and not dubbed. Theirs this witch that was like an...

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