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    Mar 15, 2017, 01:09 PM
    Hypothetical questions
    You have been called to Fort Thunder Airport to repair the new HAL2000 unit manufactured by your company, CampCo. Electronics. HAL is $20,000 uninterruptible power supply used by the airport’s radar system. The airport manager, J. Alfred Prufrock, explains that incoming and outgoing flights are at risk. A major storm is approaching, with potential for disrupting power to the airport, and it is imperative that the HAL 2000 be repaired immediately.

    You troubleshoot the unit and discover that its V-10 circuit board is defective. However, when you check your repair service locker, you discover that you do not have this board in stock.

    You call the office for advice from Eric Stern, director of the CampCo. Service department, but all you get is his voice mail. Based on your experience as the regular service technician for Fort Thunder Airport, you realize that the only possible substitute for the V-10 board is the T.S. Eliot v-12 board.
    You do not stock this equipment, but you know that a v-12 is used in controlling the airport’s departure and arrival monitors.
    However, using an Eliot board in the CampCo unit will violate patent rights and a restricted use clause, creating the possibility of a suit against CampCo. Furthermore, removing the V-12 would disrupt the posting arrival and departure information at the airport.

    Your task is to take the most appropriate actions under the circumstances. You might decide to temporarily remove the V-12 board and install it in the HALL 2000, or to alert airport authorities that a V-10 board needs to be obtained from an outside source as quickly as possible, or select another course of action.
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    Mar 15, 2017, 01:20 PM
    It is a cute question with those blast from the past names, but what do you want from us? We don't do homework here, but will help as long as you try first.
    Also, what age group is this aimed at?
    [Actually I can't resist throwing in my two cents.]

    I would inform the airport that THEY need to decide whether to cancel all outgoing flights and divert all incoming flights, because you cannot fix it immediately.

    As for the scenario itself:
    Why isn't the part on your required list of replacement parts to have on hand? You shouldn't have to check your locker. You should have an inventory on your smart device that is connected to the inventory back at the company. There should be a strict protocol at the company about what to have in your locker and what to have available elsewhere and how quickly you can get it. It all should always be current for a job this vital. And we don't even know if this is your fault for not having it on hand.

    So cute as this problem is, I don't think it even applies to real life anymore.

    BESIDES why didn't you call others after the director? Who stops at the top dog in a situation like this? In fact I would call a lowly employee who is always available, who can contact each one down the line, and call you back, after they found one.

    When you are given a problem, ALWAYS ask yourself if the problem itself makes sense. Even if you get a D for it.
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    Mar 15, 2017, 07:56 PM
    TS Elliot board? It must have 2 CAT 5 cables, known as CATS! Surprised it doesn't have an A L Webber multiplexer.

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