Dear Sir/Madam,

First let me introduce myself. I am Pamila, by profession I am a Life insurance agent since past two years. As life insurance agent I am not successful since I am just managing to complete my minimum target. I am trying to confront my fears but I am still facing lot of difficulties like I have fear of What IF before taking any actions. Like what if things will go wrong, what if I will make a mistake, what if people will reject me, what if people will laugh at me, what if I will make a fool of myself, what if people will criticise me, what if people will get angry with me, what if people will shout and scold me, what if people will discourage me, what if people will ignore me, what if people will avoid me, what if people will react in way which I wouldn't like what if people will think and talk about me that I am a failure as insurance agent, I do not earn well and don't have income etc.
Even right now I am facing all this fears but I really do no know how to cope with rejections and get myself emotionally detach. Also how do I build self confidence to face this fears. I also get emotionally hurt and upset and loose focus and I worry when all the above mentioned things takes place in real. For example I make a mistake like spilling a cup of coffee in front of people, or if I say something funny and people donít laugh or donít respond well to my jokes, I feel that people donít like my personality or I am stupid and should have said that or done like that etc. Or people donít like my sense of humor etcÖ and then I try to correct myself in each individual areas by setting rules like I should drink coffee like this, I should behave like this, I should not say like this to this person like that etc.
I just want to get out of this mindset and enjoy my life and not be bothered by people comments, reactions, rejections, disapproval, small mistakes made by me etc.
Please help me to overcome this problem and fears how to deal by not being bothered and concerned about other people and their reaction towards me. If possible please suggest some good books to read to overcome this kind of fears and build self confidence and self esteem.

Also regarding my life insurance business I am still facing problems
In the following areas.

1)How to introduce myself in parties & social functions & what to say when giving visiting cards to get future business,services & work from them without sounding like I am begging so as to increase my business or network.

For example currently I say :- If you have any need to purchase policy or you need any service please call me. Or please buy a policy from me. I will be glad if U can provide me with a exact script so that I don't sound as if I am begging. I will appreciate if you can provide me with a script. Eg:- here is my visiting card, if you need insurance call me etc.

2) Please also provide exact script on What should I talk to people and how to ask them to buy a new policy or ( how to propose them to buy or to consider buying a ploicy) when I am in front of them when I meet them in parties and social functions for the first time please provide exact script or an example.

I will appreciate if you can help in the following areas and help me overcome this fear. Awaiting for your positive response as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,