Upgraded firmware to build 004 then the HP would not connect to the router. Linksys got me reconfigured but I was wondering:
1. He put me inMixed mode, not 802.11N only which is all I have.
2. He said use WPA not WPA2.
3. Picked channel 1 @ 20MHz instead of using 20 or 40 or auto.

I am running fine but am now wondering if he bsically set my WRT160N router and IntelWiFi 1000BGN adapter to run in 'G' mode instead of 'N' mode and a lower level of encryption. When I asked about using WPA2-Personal he said 'as a Linksys Tech I recommend WPA-Personal to get better stability. Not complaining just wondering. Seems like I round about way to say 802.11N and WPA2-Personal aren't ready yet or I need to do more homework.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.